Why the Trucking Industry Needs to Embrace eLearning


Despite being one of the largest industries in America, the trucking industry has struggled to keep up with the rise of modern technology. This is evident in the lack of eLearning programs for drivers in all sectors of the industry. Carriers and companies associated with the trucking industry must embrace the rise of eLearning and upgrade their training programs to stay competitive, improve safety, and attract younger generations into the industry.  

The trucking industry must recognize, not only that eLearning is the future of training, but the advantages that come with it. By providing accessible and flexible online training courses, companies can save money on travel expenses, reach those on the road who may not be near a facility that offers training, keep drivers on the road instead of loosing valuable time conducting in-person training, and keep up with the ever-changing regulations and technology in the industry.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it's essential for the trucking industry to join the eLearning revolution. This is one of many steps that will attract younger generations into the industry while also addressing the needs and expectations of current and future drivers. By doing so, the trucking industry can stay ahead of the competition and ensure the safety of drivers, passengers, employees, and the American public.

Training Efficiency

With eLearning training programs, trucking companies can train drivers on a large scale without the need for physical classrooms or in-person classes. All that's required is an internet connection (sometimes, not even that!) and some basic computer skills. This means time and money are no longer wasted sending employees out for training classes, and employees can complete training at their own pace.  

Self-paced eLearning courses (like FreighTrax Training) can be scheduled when it's most convenient for the company, whether that's late at night, early in the morning, or during a drivers hours-of-service required breaks. This flexibility can save money on travel expenses for employees and their families, and it allows companies to avoid scheduling conflicts with other work and family obligations.

Training Accessibility 

In the trucking industry, regulations and best practices are constantly evolving. Investing in an eLearning program allows drivers to stay up-to-date on new regulations, news in the industry, and other important information without having to wait for the next training class. With eLearning, drivers can access updated training material and resources as soon as they become available, ensuring that they are always informed and prepared to perform their job safely and efficiently.

Moreover, eLearning programs can be designed to provide continuous learning opportunities to drivers, which can improve their skills, knowledge, and professionalism. These courses are also always available for drivers, which allows them to refresh on the course information if needed. This type of ongoing training can help companies to enhance their safety records, and also provide a competitive edge in the industry.

The rise of eLearning methods has created a culture where information is power. In fact, according to the LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, 90% of companies now offer some form of eLearning to their employees. Unfortunately, the trucking industry has been slow to catch up. This is a problem, especially when you consider that younger generations in the workforce are more likely to value career growth, learning, and skill building when choosing a career.

By embracing an eLearning culture, the trucking industry can supply its current workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge at their fingertips. This will not only improve the industry's competitiveness and efficiency but will also help to attract younger generations to the workforce, allowing the industry to evolve and thrive.

Overall, the trucking industry needs to recognize the value of eLearning and take steps to implement it as part of its training and development programs. This will help to ensure that the industry remains competitive and continues to attract new talent, even as the workforce changes and evolves.


The trucking industry is facing several challenges, but the embracing of eLearning programs is one step in the right direction. It's time for the industry to start taking advantage of this technology to stay competitive, allow for proper career development, and keep driver and the American public safe.

By offering eLearning courses that are accessible on mobile devices, trucking companies can meet the needs of the younger generations and other drivers who want to learn on their own time and at their own pace. These courses can be scheduled when it's most convenient for the company and employees, and they can save money on travel expenses and avoid scheduling conflicts with other obligations. Not only that, they allow drivers to take charge of their own education and career development. This benefits the whole industry, which in turn benefits all of us.

Take the Next Step

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